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10620 +886-4-25251288 +886-4-25256755 No. 8, Ln. 473, Shuiyuan Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420074, Taiwan (R.O.C.) AC/DC motor, brushless motor,All kinds different gear reducer, other Transmission facilities & accessory

The global science researchers join the design and authorize TAIWAN PRECISION GEAR to manufacture. TAIWAN PRECISION GEAR (TPG) has the background of cooperating with Japan and research the transmission element and hold the key techniques and the patent. Our products have got the certificate through the international famous inspection institution, and we are dedicated on developing all kinds of high efficiency transmission motor. Strictly executing ISO 9001:2015 at quality control system to ensure the quality and establishing R&D innovation to put on scale oversea. With the faith of quality priority, fast sales service and sustainable operation to offer the enrich products and best quality to supply the globe.


The main products are gear motors, high pressure blowers, tiny mighty gear motors, inverters, brushless DC motor, European gear box, poultry gear motor, spiral bevel gear box, right angle spiral bevel gear motor and accessories.