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10692 +886-6-2423888 +886-6-2420471 No. 75, Zhongzheng 5th St., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710026 , Taiwan (R.O.C.) Water-resistant Stone Composite Corrugated Board, Stone Composite Carton Box, Stone Paper Manufacturing Turnkey Project

Taiwan Gins Leader Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committing its effort to develop stone paper-making machines. Throughout years of advancement, stone paper-making machines have evolved to the third generation. Not only does Taiwan Gins Leader Machinery makes stone paper making machines, but also makes downstream converting machines such as stone paper coating machine, sheeting machine, slitting machine. With that, Taiwan Gins Leader offers stone paper manufacturing plant setup projects to those who may be interested in setting up a stone paper plant by providing solutions for setting up a factory and investment analysis. In 2019, Taiwan Gins Leader first launched a stone paper corrugated board and carton box manufacturing machine which is capable of providing a small batch of capacity and sales.

Water-resistant Stone Composite Corrugated Board
Stone Composite Carton Box