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I.      History and Objectives

The Association was first established on November 1, 1965 as “Chinese Taipei Product Packaging Institute”. Our former Presidents are Tao-Ken Wu, Chu-Ta Chou, Chang-Shu Chao, Ssu-Chin Kao, Yi-Chun Fu, Yun-Teng Lin, and Kuan-Hsiung Wu. The Association’s aims are researching the knowledge and technology of product packaging, developing packaging equipment industry, improving packaging methods, and promoting product channels. After operating under the institute’s original name for 11 sessions, the Association was reorganized as a corporation and renamed to “Chinese Taipei Packaging Association” in September 1988. Its current name, “Taiwan Packaging Association”, was adopted in June 2015.


II.  Organization

(I)    Member’s Representative Assembly

The General Meeting is made up of representatives appointed by group members according to their membership level, and acts as the highest authority of the Association.

(II)   Board of Directors/Supervisory

The General Meeting will elect 27 directors to form the Board, and 9 supervisors to form the Supervisory Council. The directors and supervisors elect 9 executive directors and 3 executive supervisors. The chairman of the Supervisory Council is elected from among the executive supervisors. The President is elected from the executive directors by all directors to handle the general affairs and to represent the Association.

(III)  Professional Committees:

The Association has committees for general affairs, education, and exhibitions. Each committee has one chief commissioner, one deputy chief commissioner, and several general commissioners. The functions of each committee are as follows:

1.  General Affairs Committee is responsible for:

(1)Assisting the Secretariat in promoting the Association’s events.

(2)Cooperating with each committee to hold the seminars, keynote speeches, demonstration events of packaging techniques. 

(3)Planning the annual General Meeting of Members.

(4)Holding member networking events from time to time.

(5)Assisting in recruiting members from related industrial vendors.

(6)Preparing the committee’s annual plan and budget, and reporting to the Board for approval.

2.  Exhibition Committee is responsible for:

(1)Leading the analysis, research and discussion of the Taipei International Packaging Industry Show expo.

(2)Researching and analyzing the expansion of the Taipei International Packaging Industry Show expo and the benefits to the industry.

(3)Collecting, analyzing and providing the information of local and overseas packaging expos to the industry.

(4)Planning the annual exhibitor or visiting groups to local and overseas packaging expos.

(5)Assisting in recruiting members from related industrial vendors.

(6)Preparing the committee’s annual plan and budget.

3.  Education Committee is responsible for:

(1)Facilitating the local and overseas technical communication regarding packaging machinery, materials and designs.

(2)Holding seminars and demonstration events regarding packaging machinery, materials and designs.

(3)Collecting, analyzing and providing the latest local and overseas information regarding packaging machinery, materials and designs.

(4)Assisting the members in participating in local and overseas events related to packaging machinery, materials and designs.

(5)Facilitating the communication and collaboration of local and overseas packaging vendors.

(6)Preparing the committee’s annual work plan and budget.

(IV) Organizational Structure


The Association Secretariat handles general affairs, and executes the tasks of each expert committee. The office is led by the Secretary-General according to the instructions of the President.


III. Services

1.Hold the annual TAIPEI PACK with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

2.Publish the annual purchaser guidelines for TAIPEI PACK.

3. Assist members in obtaining subsidies for overseas expos.

4.Participate in all kinds of local and overseas packaging expos and sales events.

5.Hold issue discussions and educational workshops regarding packaging design.

6.Provide consulting services for operations and management, technical upgrades, and innovative consultation to the members.

7. Assist members in matching business opportunities and marketing services.

8.Conduct expert committees based on their respective functions, and provide expo, education, and networking information from time to time.


IV.  Membership

(I)  Eligibility: Any company incorporated in Taiwan and offering products relating to packaging services.

(II) Membership fees for Corporate Member


Admission Fee

Annual Fee


Level A




Level B




Level C





(III) Membership application

1.  By phone call or email: A service representative will assist.

2. Download the Application Form and Product Directory Table from the website, fill them out, and email them to the Association.

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