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10204 +886-3-4626789 +886-3-4621913 No.11, Xinbeiyuan Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County 320030, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Flexble Packaging Materials:1.Light Packing:Food Packing Material of Hing、low Normal and Freezing Temperature、Microwave Electronic、ESD Shielding Bag(ROLLSTOCK)、ESD Moisture Barrier Foil Dry Pack Bag、ESD Moisture Barrier Foil Conductive Bag、SMT Top Cover T

Taiwan Lamination Industries, Inc. was established in 1977, we specialize in flexible packaging and multi-compound materials. Our products are widely used in printing, food, electronic, petrochemical, architecture, chemical, gift and medical industries. Our product line includes flexible, food, electronic, multilayer shipping and industrial packaging.