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10665 +886-4-24517070 +886-4-24512280 5F.-2,3, NO.660, SEC. 3, TAIWAN BLVD., XITUN DIST., TAICHUNG CITY 407604, TAIWAN (R.O.C.) Integrated Marketing, SEO service, Exhibition Marketing

We are here due to a promise!

Polaris- the pole star which makes navigating in the silent dark sky possible.

Just as the Pole Star’s eternal brightness providing the direction and hope to countless travelers, POLARIS is the Pole Star for your branding and marketing promotions.

Since the beginning, POLARIS is very clear about its mission

Rooting itself in plastic and rubber machinery industry, customizing marketing plans for its clients, positioning itself as clients' marketing departments.


Our vision is:

Focus on integration, become Taiwan's number one marketing, advertising and media company in plastic and rubber industry!

We believe in the power of transformation. Let the world realize Taiwan, Let Taiwan open to the world.

We are the supporter behind the scene who helps Taiwanese brands able to glow in the world.


Escalating the Image of Taiwanese Plastic and Rubbery Industry

Integration of brand design and marketing channels is the most essential thing for Polaris.

The true value of Polaris is revealing client’s core competences and rebranding it to strive wider scope of international marketing and stronger branding.