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10653 +886-4-24915955 +886-4-24913902 No. 23, Gongye 10th Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412038, Taiwan (R.O.C.) automatic die cutter, Printing machine, feeding machine, and All related components manufacturing, Processing, selling & buying

LI SHENQ Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of Automatic Flat Bed Die Cutter Machine for corrugated cardboard, colored carton in Taiwan. Since established, we have many years of technological experience. Based on advanced manufacturing concepts, LI SHENQ is dedicated to the pursuit of the highest level of quality and offers the best service to the customer.

LI SHENQ Machinery Co., Ltd is the first one of manufacturing Automatic Flat Bed Die Cutter Machine in Taiwan. For the past decade, has manufactured many highly technical machines successfully and maintained a remarkable success by building a distinct reputation of excellent after-sales services and by increasing.

Up to now, our machines have been exported to all over the world, and get the good reputation from industries. In virtue of the feedback from the customer, we especially design & manufactured Automatic Die Cutter for cardboard paper, colored cardboard to respond for numerous customer's require.

We always strive for perfection to update the machine's design, constantly improve our machine and asseverate offer the sophisticated machine to the customer. High quality, high productivity is our persistent principle. When you place your trust in us by choosing LI SHENQ as your partner, we will benefit from our technical and practical know-how which encompasses all aspects of the producing business.