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10420 +886-6-2399876 +886-6-3306304 No.360, Aly. 60, Ln. 27, Sec. 1, Chenggong Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City 711002, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Factory One Makes: Strapping Machine, Carton Sealer, Shrink Packing machine, Automatic Packing System Equipment. Factory Two Makes: PP、PET Bands For Strapping

Since established in 1985, Tian Cherng offers custom made packaging equipment and automation systems. Our company's strength lies in our ability to custom-build automation packaging equipment to suit your company's specific needs. Tian Cherng principle is stress on Quality , Technology , Service and Innovation .

Tian Cherng is certified by CE ISO 9001 which ensures the safety standard and environment friendly for all users.Our sincerity and hard work have helped us to match the quality of our PACKING MACHINE with international standards.